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Parental Stress Management

Stress is an integral part of parenting. Parents can be overwhelmed by the responsibility of looking after children and balancing work and family. The way that parents handle stress affects their children too. In some cases, parental stress can lead to neglect or the parent shouting at his or her child. Children learn from parents and assume that this way of dealing with stress is okay.

Learning to Handle Stress

Learn to recognize symptoms of stress like headaches, stiff neck, increased heartbeat, anxiety, anger, stomach problems, etc. Try and avoid situations that cause you stress. Take time to cool down and relax. Plan your activities and prioritize them. Leave time for unexpected events. Do not over work. Give your children some responsibilities, and share work in and about the house. You can network with other parents. Discuss with each other about challenges (and successes). This is a nice way to relieve tension. Stay healthy. A healthy person is better equipped to handle the stress.

Stork and Stress

A new baby in the house brings unbounded happiness and pride, and along with it, a lot of work and stress. Altered sleep patterns, new routines, and visiting relatives are all part of the new family members arrival package. How do you cope with all this?

You are not the first family who has coped with the Stork Stress syndrome. Parenting is one of life's most rewarding experiences. It has its ups and downs, but it does not mean that you have got it wrong. It is okay to be stressed and overwhelmed. Divide baby care and household work with the baby's other parent. Even if he/she is working, you need not do everything. If you can afford it hire help. Keep yourself healthy and get as much sleep as possible. Take time to relax when your baby does. Do not even attempt to maintain your pre-parenting level of neatness and order. Accept the temporary disruption. Concentrate on what's most important.

Finally, you need to accept that at-home parenting is a very demanding, and rewarding job, complete with stresses like any other. This one has better and worse days and as with any job, you too will need some time off. But, be proud of your career as a parent.

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