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As a student or an educator would you not want to know your Aptitudes , strengths and weaknesses , personality traits before you embark on a course of study. Examine the effect of self esteem and see how you can effectively combat examination stress and develop your communication and interview facing skills. Discover the seven mantras for success! Avail career and educational Counseling at PsyCounsel !   Student Resources
From being a student to graduating and embarking on a career, the preparation required is similar except that the levels at which they are undertaken and the approaches may be different. PsyCounsel can guide you and help you as you embark on your careers.

Consultancy and Lecture Series

Job Related Issues
Adult Resources
Relationships are made in heaven. But we need to nurture them. Communication Issues , pre-marital counseling . anxiety, depression, geriatric probs...More ..
Parenting Problems
Parenting is probably the most demanding role…. Help on parental stress, anger management, parental communication…. Find answers to your...More ..
Psychological Testing
Psychometric tests are standardized to measure aspects of personality, aptitudes, traits and
characteristics of a person through responses... More ..
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