Job Related Issues
Facing Interviews

During an employment interview, the interviewer meets with possible candidates to evaluate their capabilities, competence and experience. As a prospective candidate you will be in the hot seat, facing the interviewer and knowing that your future depends on the outcome of the interview. Always keep in mind that there are no standard responses. Your replies should be clear and relevant. The following guidelines may be of help:-
  1. Listen carefully. If the question is unclear, ask politely for clarifications. Wait, think, consider all facts and then make your response.
  2. Always offer positive information.
  3. Get directly to the point. Ask the interviewer if he requires more detail, before you rattle on.
  4. Stick to facts needed to respond to the question.
  5. Be truthful, but do not offer unsolicited information.
  6. Focus attention on your successes.
Do not lose sight of the fact that an interview is a two-way street. From your perspective, the interview has two purposes - One, to market yourself, and two, to evaluate the position.

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