Aptitude Testing, Personality Evaluation, Intelligence Testing/ Evaluation, Neuro Linguistic Programming Tests, Emotional Intelligence Evaluation and other psychometric evaluations can be undertaken only by personal contact and interaction.

PsyCounsel also conducts lectures on various topics like Grooming and Etiquette, Stress Management, Communication, Meeting Management, Stepping Out to a Career, Motivation, Perception, Interviewing Skills, Change Management, Delegation, etc.

PsyCounsel also undertakes management studies for small to medium sized firms which are looking for HR solutions to cater for growth. (For Details and Clientele see “Resources”)

Counselling Services at PsyCounsel are offered by qualified professionals. However, online counseling, as well as, personal counseling has its limitations, with respect to information existing, provided and known. Therefore, clients must acknowledge that they are accepting counseling by their own consent with these limitations. Any legal recourse is subject only to the jurisdiction of local Courts of law at Kochi, Cochin, Kerala, India.

PsyCounsel is not equipped to work with clients who are suicidal or homicidal or minors, without parental consent/ presence. However, on humanitarian grounds counseling may be provided to any person in distress. PsyCounsel reserves the right to refuse its services at any time, without assigning any reasons.

If you are experiencing thoughts of harming yourself or others, we highly recommend you seek professional help immediately and/ or voluntarily hospitalize yourself.

may be contacted free of charge by e-mail or telephone to fix appointments, explain nature of difficulties faced by clients, and decide on the mode of counseling, etc. Counseling is generally undertaken at timings mutually agreed to. All clients are required to read the Privacy Statement and Disclaimer.

Services offered by PsyCounsel come at nominal fees. These steps are necessary to ensure authenticity of new clients and privacy of existing clients. The fees charged are far lower than international rates and are meant to meet the expenses towards keeping this service going. Email counseling, chat and tele-counseling are dependent on imponderables of the communication systems available locally in India and may be subject to disruptions.

How We Work :

Counseling by Personal Interview

This is the most suited form of counseling and is highly recommended by PsyCounsel. Whenever practicable this is the form of counseling the client should opt for, to ensure maximum benefit from the counseling sessions. Personal interview method of counseling is also comparatively much cheaper and permits a better understanding of the underlying and associated factors of a case by the therapist. Personal interview is conducted only by prior appointment. Knowledge of English on the client's part is desirable for effective counseling sessions.

E-MAIL Counseling

Advice on all problems can not be provided through E mail counseling. E mail counseling is normally resorted to when the client has problems in meeting the psychologist in person, due to lack of proximity or any other reason. E mail counseling also ensures privacy.

CHAT Counseling

Put simply, live chat is a keyboard conversation that takes place in "real time" between client and counselor. When a client types out a sentence and presses "enter," the message appears instantaneously on the counselors screen, and vice-versa.

General Conditions

The actual tariff for various Counseling services and telephone numbers/ IDs required to carry on counseling will be intimated by PsyCounsel once the problem is identified as one that can be dealt with by a particular method of counseling and such a relationship is agreed to. The rates will also depend on the complexity of the problem and the time required for dealing with them. Initial Contact with PsyCounsel is always free.

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