Adults, Couples and Senior Citizen's Resources.

Relationships are made in heaven. But we need to nurture it with love and care to help it survive. PsyCounsel can help you in Anger Management, resolving Communication Issues between couples, and other problems. PsyCounsel also offers pre-marital counseling. To help you take healthy decisions to take the final plunge into matrimony.   Relationship Issues Adult Resources Senior Citizen's Resources
As you develop in to an adult you are generally burdened with the stresses that accompany adulthood. Different persons deal with these stresses in different ways. Some methods may be healthy while others may result in increasing these stresses, making life more distressing. PsyCounsel can help in dealing with some of these adult problems like stress management, anxiety, depression, alcohol dependence, fears / phobias, obsessive compulsive spectrum and personality disorders. As you age, PsyCounsel also helps in dealing with problems like loneliness, age related disabilities and other geriatric issues.
Youth Resources
As a student or job seeker don’t you want to know your aptitudes, strengths and weaknesses,
personality. Examine the effect of self esteem and see...More ..
Parenting Problems
Parenting is probably the most demanding role…. Help on parental stress, anger management, parental communication…. Find answers to your...More ..
Psychological Testing
Psychometric tests are standardized to measure aspects of personality, aptitudes, traits and
characteristics of a person through responses... More ..
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