Relationship Issues
Communication Skills

One observes a gradual fall in communications between couples after they become parents. Parents are generally under a lot of stress. They end up neglecting their relationship, at a time when in fact the relationship between parents may be the most important relationship in the family. It is quite difficult to keep these lines of communication open always. I am sure that all couples, at some time or another, have had trouble communicating and this is compounded by the stress of parenting. Communication takes a lot of effort, and investing in communication will provide long term returns in any relationship. Understanding the art of effective communication and possible obstacles to the same is important. Communication between parents has a definite effect on the development of children too. This skill of effective communicating is learned by children, by observing their parents.

The first ingredient required for effective communication is time spend together. Couples should make an all out effort to keep aside time to spend together. This special time can be spent talking, walking, or indulging in some common activity. Time should be spent in communicating in some way. Another important part of communication between couples is learning how to do so effectively. If parents do not communicate effectively, they will more than likely pass on ineffective ways of communicating to their children.

Non-verbal communication has a big role in relationships. A pat on the back or a hug is a great way to show love or acceptance to your spouse or a child. You should be able to give complete attention to the person who is talking. Listening involves paying close attention to what is said, in words and by body language. You should also ensure that you have understood what was communicated by seeking a feedback if required.

Improving Communication Skills in Relationships

The essence of communication in a relationship is creation of an environment in which your partner can share feelings, hurts, thoughts, and complaints, without the fear that you may criticize, lecture, or stop listening. Working on a relationship starts with working on ourselves. Be only as critical of others as we are of ourselves. Try not to blame your partner for any problems you are facing in the relationship. It is not necessary to share emotionally painful information. Sometimes written and delayed communication is most effective in a strained relationship. The delay lets you think logically and act rationally.

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