Depression is something which almost all of ushave experienced in some form at some time, either personally or through depression in a family member. Depression interferes with normal functioning, and causes problems at work, necessitates social and family adjustments. It causes pain and suffering to the care givers also.

Depression is a psychological condition that changes how you think and feel, and also affects your social behavior and sense of physical well-being. We have all felt sad at one time or another, but that is not depression. Sometimes we feel tired from working hard, or discouraged when faced with serious problems. This too, is not depression. These feelings usually pass within a few days or weeks, once we adjust to the stress. But, if these feelings linger, intensify, and begin to interfere with work, school or family responsibilities, it may be depression. Clinical depression is a very common psychological problem. Most people never seek proper treatment due to lack of awareness.

Bipolar disorder was formerly called manic-depressive disorder. It is a type of depression, and is characterized by the presence of mood swings, especially "manic highs" that often result in high risk, self-damaging behavior.  Most individuals with bipolar disorder have both depressive and manic episodes occurring is cycles. Approaches include pharmacotherapy and teaching patients to view these situations differently and convey ways to reduce anxiety, using breathing exercises to refocus attention.

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