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Aptitude Testing/ Career Counseling

We feel that you should have your aptitudes evaluated if you : -
  • Are in high school or college, so that it can help you select a major field of study or career.
  • Wish to learn about the nature of aptitudes and how they affect human behavior.
  • Are unhappy in your job, because understanding your aptitudes can help direct you to more satisfying work in your field, or could suggest a more satisfying career. Sometimes a minor change can make the difference between satisfaction and frustration, between success and failure.
  • Haven't worked for some time and are considering a return to the job market. Knowledge of your aptitudes may help you decide what kind of job to seek.
  • Face a decision about a promotion or transfer within your company. Knowledge of your aptitudes may help you make that decision.
  • Are about to retire, as the information gained can help you use your retirement years more fruitfully.
People often face dilemmas in their jobs in their middle ages. Should a technician accept a promotion into management or remain in a specialized technical job? Should a marketing expert, take up an office job? The decision can be crucial to success and joy in a person's career. Aptitude testing might help such a person make a decision.

Poor school record or lack of schooling should not deter you from taking an aptitude test, because aptitudes are not based upon knowledge or educational background. However, knowledge of English is required for aptitude testing, since we do not have validated tests in local languages. If you have a physical or mental impairment or learning disability, or are taking strong medication, your scores may not be accurate. Most of the tests are timed; your scores are determined by how fast and accurate you are.

Why Should Adults Take Aptitude Tests?

A mother, who came to our office to discuss her daughter's aptitude pattern, after an explanation of her scores, remarked that she wished that she had been tested when she was in school. She presumed that it was too late. We are of the opinion that in many situations aptitude testing may prove useful for even those over 30, and one should not presume that it is too late . Sometimes, parents also get tested along with their children simply to gain first-hand knowledge of the tests and to better understand their children's scores.

Are you absolutely happy with your job? Do you feel that you do not have enough time at work? If so, you are probably in the right job. But that is not the case with a large majority. Every day we find more and more professionals are having second thoughts about the careers they chose. Today more and more younger professionals are seeking career advice. Today, the new generation wants answers to where they are and where they are headed.

Job satisfaction is admittedly an elusive concept. It is difficult to define. It also changes with the age of the incumbent. Salary and job location play a major role, but we now try to quantify the more sensitive issues like aptitudes, skills, information processing style, personality, values and goals, and relate them to the career. Comprehensive testing methods available can guide you toward jobs suited to your profile and help you determine what kind of work is most suitable for you.

The current, wide selection of "aptitude tests" makes them as flexible as they are reliable. Some interest inventories and personality tests can be taken at home, while others - like the Differential Aptitude tests - are administered through psychologists, career counselors or test administrators. PsyCounsel uses the Differential Aptitude Tests in combination with personality evaluation and Neuro Linguistic Programming evaluations to help you in your self discovery and to advise you on suitable career options.

All said, we feel it is only fair that we point out some of the limitations of our service too.

(a) We are not employment counselors. We try to only provide people with an inventory of their natural abilities to assist them to plan their education and/or career. We can throw light on how aptitudes can be used in many occupations. We are however not a placement service.
(b) It is possible that you may not be able to find the job that suits your profile, either due to personal reasons or prevailing circumstances. Older people who undergo testing should be prepared to accept such results.
(c) We can suggest general career fields from the results of the aptitude tests, but we may not be able to be very specific about jobs within a given field. So those wanting advice about a rather narrow change of function within a field may not find the answer they are looking for from the test results.

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