Testing and Evaluation

A test is a series of questions or exercises or other means of measuring the skill, knowledge, intelligence, or aptitude of an individual or group. A psychological test on the other hand is a standardized instrument designed to measure objectively, one or more aspects of a total personality of an individual, by means of samples of verbal or nonverbal responses, or by means of other behaviours.

Although test of general intelligence, specific aptitudes, educational achievement, and personality are designed for their own particular purposes, all of them have common basic procedures. They are not mutually exclusive. Any combination of tests might be used in studying a specific individual or trying to solve a specific psychological problem, either practical or theoretical. But the most important use of tests have been their contribution to the analysis and description of an individuals characteristics, to the evaluation, prediction and guidance of his education and behaviour, and to more reliable determination of his vocational preparation and selection.

The purpose of standardizing test is to ensure objectivity. Objectivity is to be ensured at all stages like administration of the test, scoring and analysis. It is therefore important that these tests are handled by professional with experience.

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